Tag Manufacturers

(inlays, hard tags, sensors)
– Design your tags with the best performance
– Characterize your tags: orientation pattern, ETSI/FCC sensitivity, behaviour in populations, effect of materials…
– Turn performance limitations into Competitive Advantage

Label Converters

– Test your labels after conversion and meet your target quality variance
– Check the TIPP grade of your labels for a given item
– Make the difference with a quality report and TIPP grading of your labels

End users

(retailers, suppliers, industry 4.0)
– Verify your tags to meet the requested TIPP grade for your products
– Choose best supplier by comparing different tags and labels
– Define the RFID reader requirements for your use cases, and ask your system integrator to satisfy them

Solution providers

– Compare different tags to choose the right (and hopefully cheapest) one for your application
– Know the reader requirements before proposing any model or brand for pilots or roll-outs
– Improve the margin of your existing RFID system and keep its performance at the highest level for long