If you love RFID technology as we do, you will enjoy our laboratory.

We do have the newest and most advanced professional testing equipment for both NFC and RAIN tags,
designed by Voyantic, the RFID test systems company.

…But best way to feel it is to visit us or join a videocall!


RFID Best Practices

We want to spread the word on existing RFID standards and guidelines to forget about “proof & error” approaches, and undertake RFID projects in a more professional way. We are supporting companies and professionals to achieve the best quality in their RFID tags and the best performance in their RFID systems.

Top-level RFID Education

We need any professional involved in designing RFID products or deploying RFID projects, to really understand how RFID technology works. RFID is not just read tags! There are much more parameters involved and you can trust our experts and lab equipment to learn about them.


Test Performance (TP) Building
46200 Valencia